Letting Go

Letting Go of Shame

Letting Go: Letting Go of Shame

Ever feel shame? Seem unbearable? What would happen if we recognized a true encounter with Love? Just come. Come with a heart open to Him & willing to hear His heart as we continue our series & in the message “Letting Go of Shame.

Letting Go: When Christ is in the Boat

Ever feel overwhelmed by fear &/or by circumstances beyond your control? What can be done? Let’s come to worship & respond to God’s word ready to hear & as we continue our series “Letting Go—When Christ is in the Boat”.
Rewired by Christ

Letting Go: Rewired By Christ

Ever feel like you need a “reset”—or maybe to be “rewired”? As we come & prepare ourselves to focus on Jesus, to encourage one another & to engage with His word, let’s expect too to be “Rewired by Christ” as we delve a new series together—“Letting Go”—