Sermons on 1 Samuel

Goliath's Sword

Goliath’s Sword

Are you ready to respond? God’s ready, speaking, smiling. Come with a heart anticipating, ready to worship, ready to hear as we gather together for 9:30am service & “Goliah’s Sword”.
5 Smooth Stones

5 Smooth Stones: All That You Need

What more do we need to be able to follow God fully? As we come, worship with heart & lean in expecting God to answer as we dive in together to His word & continue our series—Five Smooth Stones, Week 3.
5 Smooth Stones

5 Smooth Stones: God Gets the Glory

How can we battle the giants in our lives? As we worship & lean in, come ready to receive from & respond to God as He continues to direct us—and as we continue our series together this morning—Five Smooth Stones.