AWAKEN 2 Youth Ministry

AWAKEN 2 Youth Ministry

Hey, What Is AWAKEN 2 Anyway??

We are so glad you asked that question!

Awaken 2 is a group of preteens and teens what are enrolled in grades 5-12.

We meet on Sundays from 3:00-4:30pm in the building that looks like a small church (because it was) on the south side of the New Hope Church property.  Just walk in the door and straight ahead you will find us!

Our gathering space is happy and spacious; divided into zones for youth group activities:  eating together, playing games (pool, alley ball, foosball, free throw stations, board games and pingping.)  

Other zones are set aside for group lessons, crafts, small group discussions and activities and a conversation pit.  There truly is something for everyone to do!

Our two-hour meeting time is divided this way:

  • Social time
  • Meal time
  • Group lessons
  • Project time

Awaken 2 is centered on two vital purposes—knowing Jesus and helping everyone to feel “at home” during our time together.

If you would like to join us or if you have any questions that we might be able to answer, feel free to call Sue @ 815-878-6707 or Mike @ 815-866-5923 anytime.

Truly, we are hoping to see you (and your friends) any Sunday!  God bless you and those you love!!